Friday, October 13, 2017

PrivĂ©’s (Aventura, FL residential high rise) sidewalk, built through homeowners’ properties, is illegal

WOW. Prive development in Aventura, FL, that is close to completion on their residential high rise just lost their entire permit over a sidewalk. The lowest prive unit is a few million dollars so this will make a significant impact.  
Long story short. In order to build they agreed to install a sidewalk to connect the island to the mainland.  The problem is that home owners on the where the sidewalk would have to be installed said no.  The other island consists of multi million dollar homes that bought with the knowledge that the second island would be built out in the same manner.  There was never to be a high-rise.  
Developers used a utility easement to install the sidewalk which was a condition on the permit being issued.  A large legal battle with high powered attorneys filing suit and counter suits went on for a while.  The building was topped off and is nearing completion.  

Judge William Thomas just invalidated BH3’s  two-tower, 160-unit permit by finding the sidewalk was illegal. 
The building is almost 75 percent sold with more than $350 million under contract.  We imagine their will be some new lawsuits coming fairly quickly and possible a lot of money changing hands to buy the homeowners land for the sidewalks.  If the developers buy the land for the sidewalk, it will most likely break records for highest price per square foot.  Depending o nthe development contracts, they could have a legal clause that protects the developers as well so who knows what the next step will be.  

The full Miami Herald story:
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