Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hurricane Irma...Take ALL preparations to protect yourself then property.

As everyone knows, Hurricane Irma is going to have a significant impact on South Florida and throughout the state.  At least 25% of South Florida residents today did not live here in 1992 for Hurricane Andrew.

We can not stress this enough, you must prepare.  Even if we do not receive a direct hit (which there is a strong chance that we will) we will be engulfed inside the path of destruction.

9/6/2017 - 12:00PM

The priority is to protect life.   Property can always be rebuilt.

While we are sure you have read all the information you could have in order to prepare for this storm, please keep in mind the future and what to do after the storm.  *Do not use a BBQ or generator indoors.

The following advice will help with insurance claims and your property tax appeal.

1.Photograph everything:  This means your vehicle, the exterior of your home/apt., interior of your home/apt, important documents, anything you can think of that is of value to you.  Event take photos of things that you don not believe need to be made a record of.  Photograph your ceiling showing that you have no leaks.

2. Take video: Walk slowly around the property.  Film as much as you can.  It may come in handy should you have missed photographing something, you will be able to get a screen shot.

3. Back it all up:  Hopefully to a cloud (applegoogle, dropbox, box...) If nothing else keep on your phone and or a flash drive you can put in a zip lock bag.

4. Evacuate or find your safe zone:  Hope for the best and stay safe.  *Do not use a BBQ or generator indoors, ever.

5. Repeat steps 1 & 2: Assuming you have damage.  This way you will be able to document the before and after.

6. Salvage what you can:  Please remember that may trees may have fallen down but do not simply cut them up.  There is a chance they can be saved by replanting.

9/6/2017 - 12:00PM
Please remember to take care of your self, friends, and family.  After that, if you are able to, help your neighbors.  We are all going through this and we need each other to rebuild.