Friday, August 25, 2017

Educating the public. You can do it!

We at pTag: Property Tax Appeal Group want what is best for property owners.  No home, property, or land should be improperly assessed.  As such we are more than happy to provide a class on property tax appeals.

While we of course would love to represent you in appealing your assessed value, we understand some may like to appeal for themselves or to be educated on the process before hiring a company to represent them.
Barry Sharpe

We have been able to speak before large and small groups ranging from the Miami Realtors Association, Gibraltar Bank, Sabadell Bank (now Iberia bank), Self Storage associations, various Real Estate brokerages, Latin Builders Association, CIASF, FIU College of Business, and many more

Brian Sharpe (Miami Realtors)

We at pTag love what we do and enjoy compiling the information needed to assist in obtaining a property tax reduction for out clients.

FIU College of Business

If you would like to know some more information, please contact us at

Know your rights, you are able to appeal the counties valuation and they will not raise your rates if you loose.

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