Monday, August 15, 2016

BROWARD Residents/Owners, Check your mail, TRIM notices on the way

If you own property in Broward County, your TRIM notice is in the mail (August 13, 2016).  Please DO NOT IGNORE it. 

The top of the TRIM notice will state this is not a bill, do not pay.  The bottom with state if you do not agree with the proposed amounts, you MUST appeal now.  If you wait for the final bill it will be to late.   

Please, if the amounts do not look right to you or your would like us to review and discuss with you what we see, please call.  There will be no charge what so ever to discuss.  We are happy to give you our opinion on your property and then you can decide for your self if you would like us to appeal for you.  

Broward County Appraisers office believes that as a whole, "properties in Broward increased countywide by 8.8% in taxable value this year on average countywide." (BCPA)   Now, if you have a Homestead on your property, at first glance your "Market Value"  will be higher than your assessed value.  

Yes that is good, but do not be blinded by that savings.  Your property may still be appraised incorrectly and while "Market Value" has gone up, by the County appraising by a "Mass Appraisal" their may be factors that they do not know about that would cause your property to be to be valued 7% less than last year.

Make sure you are properly assessed, we are hear to help.