Thursday, February 18, 2016

Guest Lecture at the Hollo School of Real Estate at FIU

Barry Sharpe of pTag: Property Tax Appeal Group was honored to return as Guest Lecturer at the FIU: Hollo School of Real Estate.  Professor Suzanne Hollander, Esq. requested Mr. Sharpe return to speak with her current class of students.

Mr. Sharpe explained to the class that only about 5% of property owners even appeal their property taxes.  Most simply just do not know that they can or they believe they are assessed properly.  He showed how if you do your research, and present your evidence properly, you can effectively show the Special Master in the appeal that the property was over assessed.

The more information you are able to present the better. You need to know what to look for based on each individual property.  Does the home have similar bedroom counts to comparable properties in the neighborhood?  For a commercial property, does it have the same visibility/location as other centers.

When speaking, Mr. Sharpe always finds a way to inject humor into the subject.  When discussing property taxes, it is not the most exciting subject so interjecting true stories of past appeals keeps the audience interested.  If you have group that you feel would benefit by having a representative of pTag speak, please contact us.  Also, if you would like any more information on how to appeal your taxes, please contact us.

Mr. Sharpe is able to speak from experience as he is a residential and commercial property owner, a contractor, and real estate broker.