Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Hurricane just left, what do I do next?

Having clear, actionable plans in place before a hurricane strikes can help your organization minimize damage to people and property and recover as quickly as possible.  Stay safe and protect your property as much as you can.

For Hurricane information visit the National Hurricane Center to stay up to date. Keep your business, your employees, and your families safe.

10/05/2016 @ 2:30 PM

Once the wind and rain have passed, you have checked on your loved one, then you look around.  Please remember to document your damage.  It may help with your property tax appeal and especially you potential insurance claim.  

Things you should take photos of if present include: flooding, broken windows, damaged items (especially if in water) for insurance, roof damage, exterior shots from front and back of the house.

Please remember to document the damage as much as possible and most important, STAY SAFE.  We have not had a significant storm in this area for over a decade.  do not take this storm for granted.  It is better to be over prepared.

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