Friday, November 13, 2015

Miami's quiet transition from a driving society to a public transit society.

Have you ever heard this comment? "I love Miami, but you have to drive everywhere."  Well, for many years Miami-Dade has been trying to change that.  Everyone know that we need build up our public transportation system in-order to become a more connected community.
Miami-Dade transit map

Nothing has worked because we love our cars. You can not convince people to use public transportation so any improvements or investment made to the areas transportation system would not be used properly.  That would mean it would be a waste, fall in to disrepair, not maintained properly, and those that would use it may be scared to do to the lack of other riders.  

How do you get people to give something up?  Well, you can't just change the laws and force people to use public transportation.  But, what if people had to use public transportation?  There is the real question.  How do you make it necessary for people to rely on public transportation.  You can not take their cars away, can take away their parking spots.  

Under the concept of progress and making better use of space, we are giving up our parking spots.  

There are already multiple towers in Downtown Miami that were built without parking (yes, there are a few spots but only a handful).  Centro Condo and Loft are some examples of developments.  Typically these developments will lease spots in the area.  Just remember, every lease has an expiration date.  How much will the new rate be for parking?  Will that parking area be re-developed with a new condo?  Where will all the cars go?

Zoning changes in the code Miami 21 have allowed for these changes.  The City of Miami is now getting in on it.  Parking spots are slowly being taken away.  

Is this good or bad?  Well, we are in a time of car sharing, Uber, & Lyft.  This generation appears to not need a car so it looks like Miami-Dade will be embracing public transportation within the next decade or two.

Recently in Boston's Becon Hill area, a parking spot sold for $650,000.  Now, Miami will not be there anytime soon, but it is just supply and demand.  As the parking goes away, the cost to park your car will rise.  Keep this in mind next Condo you go to buy.  The question is not, is parking included?  You should be asking, Will I own a spot or have ownership of parking?

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