Thursday, September 12, 2013

Should you even bother appeal the 2013 property asessment?

Those that filed property assessment tax appeals in 2012, all they now have to show is the cost of their filing fee—with no results.  Yes, they are frustrated and many even start to believe that it is not even possible to obtain a refund.  Why should anyone think that 2013 will be any different?  Those that have never appealed before do not realize that they have a good chance for a refund, if an appeal is filed.

The delay is due to the Value assessment board being back up, We wish it was possible to expedite the cases but we have to sit and wait.

Furthermore, if there is an assessment reduction, the property tax cap set by law, may also trigger an automatic second refund check for them for the following year.

The Property Appraiser is now working out settlements on the 2013 property tax petitions through informal assessment reviews.  But somehow, the 2012 prior year’s appeal, still is awaiting a hearing date.
 This may have an unanticipated benefit for the County.  It may be an indirect way of cutting down on the amount of tax refunds to be issued by the County, in addition to the amount of appeals filed.

Even though the County is required to pay 12% interest on refunds as a result of tax petition, by delaying the appeal hearings, it has created a damper effect on people that would otherwise have wanted to file an appeal.

 It now appears that this is may be a big win for the County.  In this manner the County will not have to worry as much about people inquiring about their property assessments.

IMPORTANT:  Broward deadline to file is this Monday the September 16, 2013, and Miami-Dade is Tuesday September 17, 2013.  If you miss the deadline you forfeit the right to appeal.  DO NOT MISS IT.

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