Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Roller Coaster off 95 may be gone soon!

Looks like the eyesore off I-95 in Daina Beach is close to being torn down.   The coaster is up for a Tax Lien sale October 17,2012. 

We have no idea who would want to buy a used wooden roller coaster but good luck.  I would have to guess that the winning bid, if there is a bidder, will be less than it costs to break down, transport, and reassemble  (factoring in replacing the bad wood).  This coaster has not run for quite some time, I believe years. 

Dania Beach Hurricane is a Wooden Roller Coaster at Boomers, in Dania Beach, Florida.  It was designed by Jules Ross and the Stand Company and was built by Coaster Works, Inc. in Nashville, Tennessee.  Dania Beach Hurricane opened November 1st, 2000.  The park's website refers to the 3,200 foot (980m) long out and back Coaster as the "largest wooden roller coaster in Florida".  As of July 28th, 2012, the roller-coaster is standing and in operating condition but not being utilized.

The Entire Roller Coaster will be sold to the highest bidder October 17th, 2012 to satisfy the Broward County Tax Lien.  The Roller Coaster will also include in a separate lot an Antique Caboose located on the Roller Coaster Site.

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**UPDATE**         10/16/2012

The owner has paid off his tax debt so the auction has now been canceled.  That being said, the owner no longer wants the coaster.  He has stated that he would like a non-profit to take the coaster for free.  

Basically, he is trying to get someone to remove the coaster in exchange for the salvage rights.  The train may be repaired and re-assembled at another location or parted out and sold.  There is a lot of wood and steel that may be salvaged.

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