Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We have a new Property Appraiser, Congratulations to Carlos Lopez-Cantera

We at Property Tax Appeal Group would like to congratulate State House leader, Carlos Lopez-Cantera who has just won the election to become Miami-Dade Property Appraiser. 

While at the State House, Lopez-Cantera has actively been involved in Property Tax issues.  He helped the City of Miami avoid paying the taxes on the Miami Marlins Parking Garage, served on the Property Tax Reform Committee, and was appointed to Miami-Dade County Mayors Mortgage Fraud Task Force. 

Lopez-Cantera is looking to investigate property owners who apply for and receive fraudulent tax exemptions, include foreclosure sales when determining a neighborhood's taxable value, and lessen the workload on the Value Adjustment board (where Property Tax Appeals are heard).

We are looking forward to working with Mr. Lopez Cantera in obtaining fair and true values for all property in Miami-Dade.

Much of this reform will apply to properties that are assessed based on mass appraisals supported by comparable sales.  Many of our competitors rely on Comparable sales to defend assessments, however we at Property Tax Appeal Group make use of all three (3) approaches in establishing a property valuation, the cost, market and income.  The income approach is not used for residential properties.

Also, as we as Brokers, Contractors, and Residential-Commercial Property owners are able to argue every aspect of the property in-order to reduce the value to is true amount.  We would be happy to answer any questions about how the appeal system works and why we are the best at it.

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