Friday, August 31, 2012

Make sure you know the current law regarding Property Taxes

As of the 2011 Property taxes (and still in 2012), if your Property Taxes are delinquent, you forfeit your right to appeal. 


State law Section 194.014, F.S. states that you must make a partial payment of taxes to avoid denial of your petition.  


 This is somewhat misleading.  It does not mean that if you pay 10%, 25%, or even 50% you are fine to appeal your taxes.  You must make a partial payment of at least 75% of the ad valorem taxes that you owe.

Ok, so it you owe $10,000 then you pay $7,500, right?  WRONG, you would be a little short.  Property Taxes are broken down into two divisions.  Ad valorem (Latin for "according to value") and non-ad valorem.  Here is the tricky part, you must pay 100% of your non-advalorem tax.  The reason for the difference is, we can appeal the ad valorem, however the non-advalorem is locked in. 

What can you do and what should you do.  


What can you do: 

You can have us file your appeal before September 18th, 2012 and you pay 75% of your ad-valorem and 100% of your non-ad valorem by November.  Then you can wait for the results of the appeal and find out the reduction you could receive and pay the difference or get credited for the difference in excess of the 25% not paid.


What you should do (if able):

You can have us file your appeal before September 18th, 2012 and you pay 100% of what the county believes you owe by November.  Why should you give them all the money you ask.  Well, when we are hopefully able to get you a reduction, the county pays 12% interest on the refund.  You can not get that interest rate from a bank, it just makes sense to make a full payment.

If you would like more information on this topic, you can contact us at or call (305) 693-3500


Please remember, while your TRIM notice is not the final bil, if you wait for your final bill to appeal, it will be to late.  You must appeal now before September 18th, 2012.  Do not delay, contact us today.

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