Monday, August 27, 2012

City of Miami: High ranking employees are jumping ship!

They Mayor says it is nothing to worry about but the Treasury Manager Mirtha Dziedzic, chief accountant Barbara Gray, and capital improvements director Albert Sosa all resigned as of Sunday August, 26, 2012.

The Chief financial officer Janice Larned was pulled back on board as she threatened to quit Thursday. 

As the City Commissioners must approve a budget by the end of September this is not a good sign. 

Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado says he is not concerned and claims it is a coincidence.

The City has a $485 million dollar budget and currently has a $40 million dollar hole in the budget largely due to ballooning pension contributions. 

 They City will have to negotiate concessions from its four labor unions and most likely will be forced to impose furlough days to make up the shortfall. 

No matter why people are leaving the City of Miami, it does not appear the problems will be fixed right away. 

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